Meds Biotech Hemp Bath Salt

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Meds Biotech Hemp Bath Salts helps create an invigorating bath experience that helps promote natural relaxation, making your skin feel soft while soothing your soul. Our Almond Coconut Hemp Bath Salts are a crisp combination of all-natural industrial hemp and natural essential oils, and it's rich in phytocannabinoids too which together delivers a full-body experience with all of the benefits of hemp-infused oil in bath salts.

Meds Biotech Hemp-Infused Bath Salts are like pure hemp right from the islands. You’ll find relief from the daily stresses of life with a delicious scent, so soak it up and give yourself the re-charge you need to tackle another day.

It’s just the latest in our line of Meds Biotech creams and cosmetics that are specially formulated to deliver the best to you. Using all-natural ingredients, 100% organic hemp, and the highest methods of production, Meds Biotech creates the highest quality, best hemp-infused products.

All Meds Biotech products are lab tested to ensure consistency, quality, and the utmost purity.

Industrial Hemp, 100% Natural Essential Oils and Kosher.

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