Hemp Infused Gummy Bears - 800X

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Everyone’s talking about Delta-8, and they may even have the munchies too! Isn’t it time you experienced for yourself the world-class, totally-legal cannabinoid that offers a one-of-a-kind high? Did we say high? That’s right! Delta-8 has something no other legal product that’s on the market does today — a mind-numbing, body-tingling, subtle high. 

It is entirely legal — for now. However, because this fantastic cannabinoid falls into a regulatory grey area, supplies won’t last. Chances are, the government will find a way to ban Delta-8 soon, so grab yours today!

Chill Plus Delta Gummy Bears blend 400mg of nutrient-rich, organically-grown Hemp, with the all-natural buzz of Delta-8 to give you a balanced high that will leave you standing straight. And because we’ve infused it into our delicious gummy bears, you’re already covered when the munchies hit!

Grab some Delta-8 with Hemp today, before the government steps in and kills our buzz.

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