Why Hemp-infused Oil Is The Perfect Bath and Body Solution

These days, to fully understand what’s in some of these brand name body and bath products and what they do to your skin, you need to spend hours on Google looking up all the chemicals they contain. But the truth is, you’d be hard-pressed to find a product that is better for your skin than hemp-infused seed oil. Let’s talk about that.

Hemp seed oil is the perfect example of a product that has been used by humans literally for millennia for keeping our bodies healthy inside and out. And, frankly, there’s really not much that humans can do to improve on it. Having been lost for most of the 20th century, the knowledge of hemp-infused powers has reemerged in the 21st century. Here’s what the ancients have known all along.

Hemp is among the most beneficial and versatile plants found in nature. It’s a potent natural moisturizer that’s non comedogenic (that means it won’t clog pores). It has a near perfect ratio of fatty acids which can help improve cell structure and eliminate waste products from skin cells.

Hemp-infused oil is rich in vitamins including vitamin A, E, C and B6. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that promotes the growth of healthy skin tissue. Vitamin C not only protects cells from damage caused by free radicals, it is also a building block of collagen which supports skin elasticity and tone. And vitamin B6 helps strengthen cell membranes and keep skin firm.

Hemp-infused oil is also rich in essential minerals. It contains powerful antioxidants which help to prevent damage from exposure to sun and environmental pollutants. And it’s rich in amino acids that help the skin generate collagen and elastin, compounds which help to prevent wrinkles and allow the skin to retain more moisture.

For thousands of years, humans have been using hemp-infused oil to promote skin replenishment and maintain elasticity as well as to treat conditions such as itching, dry skin, rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. And now, thanks to a hemp-infused renaissance, you, too, can enjoy those same benefits.

We think you’ll agree that Diamond Hemp’s hemp-infused creams, hemp-infused scrubs, and hemp-infused oil-infused bath and body lotions are a fantastic natural additions to your skin care regimen. So set aside those expensive, modern chemical concoctions you’ve been slathering on your skin and take advantage of thousands of years of human experience in skincare and give our Diamond Hemp bath and body products a try.