These Are The Top 5 Benefits of Hemp-infused Oil Body Scrub

Out with the old and in with the new! That’s the motto when it comes to hemp-infused oil body scrubs.

It’s also an extremely important one when it comes to the health of your skin, too! Because your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s taking on damage from all angles. From the UV rays of the sun all the way down to the itchy clothes on your back, your skin is constantly under attack. Your best defense is to scrub away the old, damaged skin to make room for a brand new, healthier you.

That’s the benefit of using hemp-infused oil body scrubs! It will make your skin feel like new while arming you with all the nutrients your skin needs to protect itself from the daily grind.

At Diamond Hemp, we created a line of hemp-infused body scrubs to meet the needs of your skin. They each contain Turbinado sugar to exfoliate and scrub away dead skin, and our high-quality organic hemp oil is there to nurture the new skin that’s underneath.

Hemp-infused natural vitamins, minerals, and proteins will immediately start to soothe and heal damaged skin during and long after your scrub. We even added shea butter and coconut oil to our hemp-infused body scrubs to give your skin an extra level of nourishment. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these top 5 benefits of hemp-infused oil body scrubs:

Woman applying a hemp infused scrub on her shoulder

Hemp-Infused Oil Scrubs Can Protect Your Whole Body from Free Radicals

Hemp-infused ingredients have a powerful antioxidant, and by using hemp-infused oil in our Diamond Hemp body scrubs, we are giving your skin an extra level of protection against anything the day may throw at you. Free radicals are those things found in greasy fast foods and air pollutants that cause premature aging.

But using a hemp-infused oil scrub every day can reduce the risks to your skin and keep it looking and feeling brand new.

Hemp-Infused Oil Gives Your Skin The Proteins It Needs To Repair Itself

Hemp-infused oil contains all 21 of the amino acids our body needs to survive. Amino acids are combined to create the nutrients that nourish our skin and help it heal itself. But our body cannot produce all the acids we need on its own. Hemp-infused oil can help your skin by providing arginine and methionine, two key amino acids that help produce collagen and elastin.

Your skin needs both to repair wounds and reduce the appearance of scars and aging. It helps that hemp-infused body scrubs are rich in Vitamins E and C, too, since both are used to reduce the appearance of scars.

Hemp-Infused Oil Body Scrubs Are Natural Moisturizers

As the sugar scrubs away the old, dead skin, your new skin underneath needs a powerful moisturizer that can reach well past the first few layers of skin. Hemp-infused body scrubs penetrate deep and give your new skin the moisture it needs to stay soft all day long.

Hemp-infused oil is one of the cleanest natural oils on the market, meaning that it won’t clog your pores when you use it. And its ability to moisturize deep into your skin makes it the most important ingredient in our body scrubs.

Hemp-Infused Oil Scrubs Are Powerful Anti-Inflammatories

If your skin is super sensitive or prone to redness and agitation, hemp-infused body scrubs will answer your prayers. Hemp-infused ingredients are natural anti-inflammatories, meaning it will reduce redness and inflammation, helping your skin heal faster and feel better. Even those with the most sensitive skin can benefit from using a hemp-infused body scrub. It’s powerful enough to scrub away dead skin and rashes but gentle enough to nourish new, sensitive skin.

Woman getting a salt massage

Hemp-Infused Oil Body Scrubs Maintain The Youthful Glow of Your Skin

It’s no surprise that dry skin can cause premature aging and wrinkles - all that dryness and cracking in your skin can make you look older. But using a hemp-infused body scrub will cleanse your body of all that dry skin while strengthening the natural elasticity of the new skin underneath.

Elasticity is your skin’s ability to bounce back against gravity and stress. The stronger the elasticity, the less likely you are to get wrinkles.

As a bonus, hemp-infused oil body scrubs can even satisfy your sweet tooth. At least when you use our Diamond Chocolate body scrub. We infused this hemp-infused body scrub with chocolate, cocoa butter, and shea butter to bring in all the moisture and nutrients combined with the sweet smell of hot chocolate. To use, gently massage the body scrub into your skin in upward, circular motions and let your senses be wrapped in the smells and sensations of our signature Diamond Hemp body scrubs.