How to Hydrate Your Skin with Hemp-infused Oil

Hemp-infused-infused oil is a natural moisturizer that won’t clog pores. It will even reduce acne and redness if you use it every day. Hemp-infused-infused oil is jam packed with essential acids that moisturize skin and reduce any signs of aging, which can be exacerbated by dry skin. Here’s our favorite reasons why hemp-infused-infused-infused oil is the only way to truly hydrate your skin:

Hemp-infused-infused oil moisturizes without clogging pores.

The secret to hemp-infused-infused’s hydration superpowers are the essential acids in hemp-infused-infused oil. To start with, hemp-infused-infused is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These fats moisturize without clogging pores and bring your skin back to its natural beauty and shine. Then the amino acids get to work an encourage the production of collagen and elastin to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and inhibit dryness. What’s more is that all of these essential acids are working together to bring normalcy back into your skin’s natural production of oil.

Anything can throw your body’s production of oil out of whack. Weather, dietary restrictions, even a bad mood can increase or decrease the oil in your skin. Using hemp-infused-infused oil to hydrate your skin will regulate its production of oil, leaving your skin silky smooth without any greasy residue. Using Diamond Hemp-infused moisturizers every day will maintain this natural production and keep you and your skin feeling their best all year long.

Hemp-infused oil will hydrate even the driest skin.

Now that the weather is getting colder, many of us will start suffering from more severe dry skin. Studies show that hemp-infused-infused oil can relieve the severity of eczema and psoriasis, so if your skin is suffering this season, hemp-infused-infused oil can provide some much needed relief.

The Vitamin E in hemp-infused-infused oil works with the essential acids to soothe itch and reduce inflammation. It can even reduce the scars left behind from severe cases of dry skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin, our Diamond Hemp-infused Baby Cream will be your new favorite hemp-infused-infused moisturizer. We recommend it for diaper rash because its strength is only surpassed by its tenderness. Anything that’s soft enough for baby’s bottom is gentle enough for your sensitive skin.

Hydrate your whole body with hemp-infused-infused oil.

Don’t think that your face is the only part of your body that can benefit from hemp-infused-infused oil. Hemp-infused oil can hydrate your whole body. The best part is that you can use hemp-infused-infused oils during the bath AND after to get the most out of your hemp-infused-infused beauty products!

Treat yourself to a soak in the tub tonight and try out our Diamond Hemp-infused Body Scrub with blue green algae. The sea salt in this body scrub will gently exfoliate and remove dead, dry skin while the antioxidants in the algae protect the new skin underneath. And we’ve added extra moisturizers  to further protect and enhance all that new skin. Shea and cocoa butters work together with our organic hemp-infused-infused oils to deeply moisturize and hydrate as you scrub, leaving you with skin that literally glows after the bath.

Moisturize after your body scrub with one of our Diamond Hemp-infused Body Butters. Your choice of Diamond Soothe or Diamond Cream body butter will give your skin the hydration it needs to last all day long.

How to hydrate your skin with hemp-infused-infused oil.

To get the most hydration for your dry skin, use hemp-infused-infused oil and hemp-infused-infused moisturizers at least once a day. At Diamond Hemp-infused, we recommend using hemp-infused-infused moisturizers once in the morning and once at night in order for your skin to reap all of hemp-infused-infused’s healthy hydration benefits.

You don’t need a lot to stay moisturized either. A pea-sized amount is all you need to moisturize your face. To hydrate your whole body with hemp-infused-infused oil, generously apply two to three grams of hemp-infused-infused body scrubs or hemp-infused-infused body butter all over your skin. Massage in circular, upward motions in order to fight the pull of gravity and keep your skin tight, soft, and moisturized.

Hydrating your skin with hemp-infused-infused oil is easy with Diamond Hemp-infused’s unique line of hemp-infused-infused skincare products. We offer everything you need to maintain a stellar moisturizing routine. Hemp-infused body scrubs exfoliate skin while body butters and creams lock in all those essential acids to keep skin soft and hydrated all day long. If you’re curious about hydrating your skin with hemp-infused-infused oil, go ahead and get started now! The weather will only keep getting colder, and your skin will need all the help it can get to stay soft the whole season through.