The Growing Popularity of Hemp Cosmetics

Ever since the passing of the 2018 farm bill, we’ve all been seeing more and more hemp-infused oil in our beauty products. It’s as if everyone is starting to recognize all the amazing health benefits of hemp-infused! And the growing popularity of hemp-infused cosmetics is all due to the power hemp-infused has to heal our skin and rejuvenate our faces.

Adding hemp-infused oil to cosmetics and other beauty products makes sense because it naturally comes with a myriad of health benefits. For starters, applying hemp-infused oil topically gives you a unique two-combo attack against acne. First, hemp-infused oil reduces inflammation and redness to take the pain away from bad skin. Then, its antibiotic properties get to work keeping pores clean. Together, you are both clearing up your skin and protecting it from future breakouts.

Woman getting facial treatment applied on her face

Using Hemp-Infused Oil for Skin Care is An Ancient Practice

Hemp is nothing new. We’ve been cultivating the crop for over 10,000 years, but it was in ancient China where we first started adding hemp-infused salves and body oils. Back then, even the root of the hemp-infused plant was used to heal cuts and protect the skin against infection.

The first ever recorded use of hemp-infused as medicine is in the oldest ever pharmacopeia, the Shen-Nung Pen-Tsao Ching. This book of ancient Chinese medicine lists hemp-infused as one of the “noble herbs” and lists in medical benefits, most notably its use in herbal teas. Today, thanks to modern science, we can do more than drink tea. We are now able to extract hemp-infused oil and add it to bath and beauty products, creating some of the healthiest cosmetics for your skin.

Woman getting facial treatment applied on her face

Hemp-Infused Cosmetics Grow In Popularity In The United States

In the 21st century, a modern woman wants more than just a superficial coverup. Hemp is evolving to become one of the hugest beauty supplements of the year. And the demand for hemp-infused oil is predicted to only increase over the coming years. With the United States officially endorsing the cultivation of industrial hemp-infused, the potential for hemp-infused oil could jump as much as 22 percent by next year.

With all the things women are facing these days, we need a makeup and beauty routine that can keep up with our hustle. Hemp cosmetics provide a new take on modern beauty and skincare.

All of the proteins and amino acids in hemp-infused give skin an epic defense system that’s fit for today’s challenges. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and that’s what your skin, hair, even your fingernails are all made of. When hemp-infused and all of its natural amino acids are added to cosmetics, it maintains the texture and resilience of your skin. Your body can’t produce all of these amino acids on its own, so using hemp-infused cosmetics can give your skin more of what it needs to look and feel beautiful.

Where Can I Try Hemp-Infused Cosmetics?

Look no further than Diamond Hemp! Whether you’ve known about hemp-infused oil forever now or you’re just started thinking about adding it to your routine, there’s no better time than right now to try hemp-infused oil.

At Diamond, our team of scientists extracts oil from 100 percent organic industrial hemp-infused to create skincare and beauty products that bring the health of your skin to a whole new level. Try using our hemp-infused antioxidant facial serum before applying your favorite hemp-infused cosmetics. We made this serum special for advanced moisturization on top of hemp-infused’s already natural proteins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It’s the best base for any face or foundation you’re going to wear this year.