The Five Best Diamond Hemp-infused Gifts For This Holiday Season

Hemp-infused for the holidays! That’s right! What better gift to give for the holidays than our fantastic Diamond Hemp-infused skin care products. Hemp-infused oil is great for your skin. The natural botanicals contain important nutrients and antioxidants that your skin will drink in and say “ah!” after all that hydration. Regardless of whether you use our creams, masks or scrubs, your skin is asking for hemp-infused oil, so put some in your stocking.

All of our products are luxuriously and soothing, made with organic pure hemp-infused oil and important antioxidants to help you maintain a healthy youthful glow. Our Diamond Hemp-infused oil is extracted from the hemp-infused plant using a process called cold pressing, much the same process as is used for olive oil.

Hemp-infused oil contains essential nutrients like essential fatty acids and amino acids, and omega-3 and omega-6 oils. Our Diamond Hemp-infused products are also a rich source of Vitamin E. All of these nutrients help skin look younger and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are many skin conditions that can be treated with our Diamond Hemp-infused products, which are very healing and soothing to the skin.

Here are our top five picks for Diamond Hemp-infused stocking stuffers this holiday season.

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The human body is made up primarily of water, so keeping your body—and your skin—hydrated is essential. Without sufficient water content, skin cells cannot purge impurities, leaving your skin looking dull and unhealthy. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water each day, and use Diamond Hemp-infused creams to help. For example, our Diamond Aloha Antioxidant Hemp-infused Cream is luxuriously soothing to your skin. It has a beautiful Hawaiian rain scent and is made with organic antioxidants and pure hemp-infused oil. Use it daily to help maintain a healthy youthful glow while fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Explore our full line of moisturizers here.

Body Butter

If you need extra moisturizing, try our body butter, Diamond Hemp-Infused Butter Cream. This product is a fantastic moisturizer for your face and neck and is recommended for use every morning and every night after you cleanse and tone. Our butter cream can also be used as body cream. Just apply it to your entire body as often as needed to hydrate and nourish the skin. It will turn your rough and dry hands, feet and elbows to butter in no time at all. Many women have used it with great success as a cream for stretch marks. The product is safe to be used throughout the entire pregnancy.

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We formulated our Diamond Refresh clarifying hemp-infused mask for use after hydration. Regular use of this mask product will balance your skin and keep oil under control. Diamond Hemp-infused even makes a moisturizing mask for your hair. Our Hemp-Infused Blue Face Mask is just the therapy your color-treated hair needs. The mask contains natural organic botanical extracts and ultramarine designed for hydration and color protection and is blended with pure hemp-infused oil to enhance vibrancy, color, and shine. One of the best features of our Blue mask is its UV absorbers that shield hair from harmful free radical damage to prevent color loss. This mask is perfect for all hair colors and hair types and is designed for immediate use after hydration.

Body Scrub

Exfoliating your skin at least once a week to slough off all those dead skin cells is an essential step of any beauty routine. Add chocolate to that, and now you have created the perfect spa day. This chocolate is in the body scrub -- our Diamond Hemp-infused Chocolate Body Scrub to be specific. You’ll be de-stressed in no time! Explore our full line of body scrubs here.

Facial Serum

Skin must be nourished. It needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to feed your cells and maintain that healthy glow. Vitamins A and E are very beneficial for the skin because they contain antioxidants. Use our Hemp-Infused Diamond Serenity facial serum. It is rich in vitamins A, B, and E, and you’ll love the way it feels and nourishes your skin.

Try Diamond Hemp-Infused For The Holidays

Why choose just one? Try all of these amazing products. You’ll be the hero of stocking stuffers! If your stocking is already full, then seriously consider starting Diamond Hemp-infused as part of your New Year’s resolution to live a healthier life. Your skin will thank you for it.