Doing Bath & Body Right with Diamond Hemp

Everyone deserves a spa day. But you don’t have to break the bank at a beauty salon to obtain it. There’s nothing that says you even have to leave the house to treat yourself! We believe that the perfect spa day can happen right in the comfort of your own bathtub, and we created the perfect hemp-infused body products to make it happen. If you want to do your bath and body routine right this year, consider adding high-quality hemp-infused oil to the mix.

Hemp-infused oil can do wonders for your skin - and your hair, too! It’s a natural anti-inflammatory that can reduce redness and irritated skin, but it’s also one of the cleanest oils on the market. It can moisturize without clogging pores, and it will actually give your skin a deep cleanse from the inside-out. Try using hemp-infused oils every day to protect your skin from sun, cold weather, stress, and whatever else the day wants to throw at you. No matter what you’re facing in 2019, hemp-infused oil can help you put your best skin forward.

Woman in bathtub

It’s High Time For A Hemp-infused Sugar Scrub!

Cleaning away the old is one thing you should be doing at the start of a new year. And hemp-infused body scrubs help clean away old skin so the fabulous new you can shine through. At Diamond Hemp-infused, we created a few hemp-infused sugar scrubs to meet all of your uniquely beautiful needs. First, our original Hemp-infused Body Scrub comes in a fun and fruity tropical scent that’ll boost your mood as well as the health of your skin with its combination of hemp-infused and coconut oils.

If your skin needs a little extra boost, try our Diamond Bathe body scrub. It’s packed with hemp-infused and turbinado sugar to scrub away dead skin and moisturize the new. And this hemp-infused sugar scrub is formulated with blue-green algae too, which is one of the key ingredients for rebuilding new skin. The algae are stock full of amino acids and proteins that make up the building blocks of skin which gives your body the tools it needs to build the brightest, healthiest skin you can get.

Our Diamond Chocolate body scrub was designed to satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your skin. We formulated this hemp-infused body scrub with chocolate, cocoa butter, and shea butter to bring an extra level of moisturization combined with the sweet smell of cocoa. Use in the bath after a long day at work to soothe and satisfy all of your senses. Massage the body scrub into your skin in gentle circular motions, and give your roughest areas extra special attention. Places like elbows, knees, and feet can benefit most from any of our hemp-infused sugar scrubs.

Do Your Body Some Good With Hemp-infused Body Cream

Soft skin isn’t just for babies anymore. You can recreate that plush, supple skin with some deep moisturization from our Diamond Baby hemp-infused cream. We copied the formula for soothing diaper rash and added our own special touches. This body cream comes with hemp-infused oil, coconut oil, aloe, and chamomile to soothe skin and calm any anxiety or stress that could be manifesting there. Stress can affect your skin in a myriad of ways, and our hemp-infused baby cream can help. As the hemp-infused works to soothe inflammation and stress, the other oils work together to moisturize and protect skin from further damage.

Hemp-infused body creams are safe to use on your face too. In fact, use them all over! All of your skin can benefit from the natural healing properties of hemp-infused, and your face especially will thank you. To use hemp-infused oil and creams on your face, start with a pea-sized amount. Massage gently in upward, circular motions across cheeks, chin, and forehead. Don’t hesitate to massage some into your neck and chest as well. So many people forget to moisturize and protect the skin on their necks and chest, and these areas are the ones that are most sensitive to damage from the sun.

If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection, our Diamond Essentials DMAE Cream is bound to be your new secret weapon. The DMAE stands for dimethylaminoethanol, an antioxidant membrane stabilizer that has the power to break through the membrane of your skin cells. This means this hemp-infused body cream can go deep into the skin and start healing it from the inside out. It even reaches all the way to the muscles, so it can actually slow the progress of age on your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Don’t Forget About Your Hair!

Doing bath and body right means getting your whole head into the game - and that includes your hair! Your hair is made up of the same proteins as your skin and nails and can, therefore, reap all the same healing benefits from hemp-infused. Whether you dye your hair regularly or rock an all-natural look, our Diamond Blue Color Therapy Mask will keep your hair soft and shiny. It’s specifically blended with hemp-infused oil and other natural botanical extracts to protect the color of your hair and rehydrate it with a healthy boost of natural moisture. All you have to do is add water before massaging it into your hair. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, so your hair is sure to get a healthy dose of hemp-infused oil.

In fact, your whole body can do with a healthy dose of hemp-infused oil. That’s why it’s time you start doing bath and body right! Whether it’s moisture you crave, protection from the weather, or maybe you just want to brighten your own spa routine, consider adding hemp-infused oil to the mix with any of our amazing bath and beauty products. Your whole body will definitely thank you!